News Digest 9th October

The UK: a populist, rogue state? Several media outlets this week focused on Boris Johnson's handling of Brexit and the corona pandemic. The Welt quoted a speech from Lord Neuberger, former chairman of the UK Supreme Court, who criticized Johnson's Single Market Act for not only giving the government power to breach contracts, but also … Continue reading News Digest 9th October

Parliamentary Digest 2nd October: Budget week and 30 years of German unity

This week was the budget debate week, with 4 days of debate in the Bundestag. Saturday was also the 30th anniversary of German reunification. Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) introduced the budget for 2021 on Tuesday and there was a general debate. This was followed by debates by department over the next three days, as … Continue reading Parliamentary Digest 2nd October: Budget week and 30 years of German unity

Parliamentary Digest 11th September

A round up of what's going on in the Bundestag, Bundesrat and state parliaments The Bundestag returned after the summer break this week, while some of the state parliaments either had plenary sittings or committee hearings. Right-extremism and hate crime On Wednesday, the first sitting day of the plenary, the Bundestag honoured the police … Continue reading Parliamentary Digest 11th September

SPD Chancellor candidate Scholz: reactions in Germany

In a surprise move this week, Germany's Social Democratic Party, the SPD, got well ahead of the game by announcing that Finance Minister Olaf Scholz will be the party's Chancellor candidate in next year's election. Although there has long been speculation about Scholz's nomination, the choice of candidate has been fiercely disputed in the party. … Continue reading SPD Chancellor candidate Scholz: reactions in Germany

News Digest 17th July

The K question and the CDU leadership As discussed in the News Digest last week, in the coming months the parties will be choosing their Chancellor candidates for the federal election next year and the CDU is also due to elect its new leader in December. In February, the current CDU chair Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer announced … Continue reading News Digest 17th July

News Digest 15th May

Corona crisis Increased debate and disagreement has come with the lifting of restrictions on public life, as well as rising concern about conspiracy theories, but the government's approval ratings remain high. Last week, following growing division amongst the sixteen states, it was agreed that states would now take responsibility for their own decisions on how … Continue reading News Digest 15th May

Olaf Scholz: rejected by SPD members but surging ahead in the corona crisis

In a surprise result in December 2019, Finance Minister and Vice Chancellor of Germany, Olaf Scholz, was defeated in his bid to become SPD leader by two little-known left wingers, Saskia Esken and Norbert Walter-Borjans.  Scholz had been tipped to win the leadership with his running partner Klara Geywitz. The leadership defeat was reported … Continue reading Olaf Scholz: rejected by SPD members but surging ahead in the corona crisis

News Digest 10th April

Corona crisis By Monday, the number of confirmed infections had hit 100,000, with 1,600 deaths; by Friday morning this had risen to over 118,000 cases, with 2,500 deaths (2.1%). The doubling rate passed 12 days - the figure at which the government said they would discuss easing restrictions on daily life. Although the rate of … Continue reading News Digest 10th April

Corona crisis: political winners and losers

CDU/CSU Union After plummeting to a historic low of 26%  before the corona crisis, the conservative CDU/CSU Union is currently polling on at least 34% (and as high as 38% in one poll) in an extraordinary turnaround. The government’s handling of the crisis is widely supported, with 72% approving. This is true of supporters of … Continue reading Corona crisis: political winners and losers

Scholz unpacks his € 1.2 trillion bazooka and consigns the black zero to history

The spread of the corona virus is bringing the German economy to a standstill and forcing the government to abandon the long-held ‘black zero’ - the balanced budget policy. Over € 150 billion of borrowing is planned to help the country get through the crisis. The situation looks bleak. Forecasters indicate that a recession can … Continue reading Scholz unpacks his € 1.2 trillion bazooka and consigns the black zero to history

News Digest 28th February

Hamburg election Some rare good news for the SPD came on Sunday, as the party won the election in Hamburg with 39.2%. The Greens came second with 24.2% and the CDU vote sank by nearly 5% to 11.2%. Early indications were that the AfD would fail to pass the 5% minimum to be elected to … Continue reading News Digest 28th February