News Digest 24th July

EU Summit The first EU summit of Germany's Presidency was a tough five day affair - the second longest summit ever. The EU countries met to agree the budget for the next seven years: the planned corona recovery program of 750 billion euros was to be added to the budget, taking the figure to … Continue reading News Digest 24th July

News Digest 10th July

EU presidency On Wednesday, Angela Merkel gave a speech to the EU parliament in Brussels setting out the programme for the German Presidency of the EU. Merkel spoke twice as long as the allotted time without having her microphone turned off after 10 minutes, as is usual practice - the Welt commented, "Merkel is Merkel … Continue reading News Digest 10th July

Norbert Röttgen: the smart outsider who fell from grace

The first CDU leadership candidate out of the gates was a surprise: clever, well-dressed lawyer Norbert Röttgen. Described by the Suddeutsche Zeitung as an outsider and lone fighter, Röttgen is known as a quick witted politician and smooth speaker. Like leadership rivals Armin Laschet and Friedrich Merz, Röttgen comes from North-Rhine Westphalia. He was born … Continue reading Norbert Röttgen: the smart outsider who fell from grace

News Digest 21st February

Right-wing extremism: hatred, racism and violence raise fears inside Germany and abroad On Monday, police arrested a group of right-extremists, who had been planning to carry out a series of attacks on mosques in order to provoke a civil war. In the wake of the arrests, the Deutsche Welle interviewed Abdassamad El Yazidi, the General … Continue reading News Digest 21st February