News Digest 11th September

Brexit and the spätimperialistischer Oxfordschnösel Johnson As the prospect of a no-deal Brexit draws nearer, German media outlets have focused on Boris Johnson's threats and negotiating tactics. The Süddeutsche Zeitung commented that, "Basically, the more Johnson is under pressure, the more intense the attacks on Brussels. The attacks are usually brought by newspapers which are … Continue reading News Digest 11th September

SPD Chancellor candidate Scholz: reactions in Germany

In a surprise move this week, Germany's Social Democratic Party, the SPD, got well ahead of the game by announcing that Finance Minister Olaf Scholz will be the party's Chancellor candidate in next year's election. Although there has long been speculation about Scholz's nomination, the choice of candidate has been fiercely disputed in the party. … Continue reading SPD Chancellor candidate Scholz: reactions in Germany

Manuela Schwesig: leading the SPD fight-back in the east

Manuela Schwesig, SPD Minister President of the east German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,  who is charged with spearheading  the mammoth task of reversing the SPD’s collapse in the east of the country, is like Franziska Giffey, one of the SPD’s ‘hope-bearers.' Foto: Thomas Fries / Lizenz: cc-by-sa-3.0 de Following the resignation of leader Andrea Nahes in June 2019, Schwesig was … Continue reading Manuela Schwesig: leading the SPD fight-back in the east

News Digest 24th July

EU Summit The first EU summit of Germany's Presidency was a tough five day affair - the second longest summit ever. The EU countries met to agree the budget for the next seven years: the planned corona recovery program of 750 billion euros was to be added to the budget, taking the figure to … Continue reading News Digest 24th July

News Digest 10th July

EU presidency On Wednesday, Angela Merkel gave a speech to the EU parliament in Brussels setting out the programme for the German Presidency of the EU. Merkel spoke twice as long as the allotted time without having her microphone turned off after 10 minutes, as is usual practice - the Welt commented, "Merkel is Merkel … Continue reading News Digest 10th July

News Digest 22nd May

The Union continues to dominate in corona times Polls this week showed the CDU/CSU Union maintaining its strong lead over the other parties, albeit with a small fall in support: an ARD poll showed a slight drop for the Union from last week - to 38% - while the Greens stayed on 18% and the … Continue reading News Digest 22nd May

News Digest 15th May

Corona crisis Increased debate and disagreement has come with the lifting of restrictions on public life, as well as rising concern about conspiracy theories, but the government's approval ratings remain high. Last week, following growing division amongst the sixteen states, it was agreed that states would now take responsibility for their own decisions on how … Continue reading News Digest 15th May

News Digest 21st February

Right-wing extremism: hatred, racism and violence raise fears inside Germany and abroad On Monday, police arrested a group of right-extremists, who had been planning to carry out a series of attacks on mosques in order to provoke a civil war. In the wake of the arrests, the Deutsche Welle interviewed Abdassamad El Yazidi, the General … Continue reading News Digest 21st February