Parliamentary Digest 3rd April

Sitting days and agenda The next sitting week for the Bundestag is planned to be 20th - 24th April; the week that schools are supposed to return after the Easter holidays (but may not, due to the corona crisis). Information about what is happening in the Bundestag on a daily basis (including in committees and … Continue reading Parliamentary Digest 3rd April

News Digest 20th March

Corona virus Last week's New Digest started with increasing alarm about the corona virus, but normal life. This week sees a completely different country - kindergartens, schools and universities were shut early in the week; by Wednesday all public gatherings, non-essential shops and leisure activities (including playgrounds) had been shut down, and public transport scaled … Continue reading News Digest 20th March

News Digest 6th March

Corona virus On Monday, it was confirmed that 10 of Germany's 16 states now had cases of the virus, totalling around 130 in all. Some large public gatherings, including international trade fairs, were cancelled or delayed, as were some flights. People started to stock up on longlife foods and other products such as toilet paper, … Continue reading News Digest 6th March

News Digest 28th February

Hamburg election Some rare good news for the SPD came on Sunday, as the party won the election in Hamburg with 39.2%. The Greens came second with 24.2% and the CDU vote sank by nearly 5% to 11.2%. Early indications were that the AfD would fail to pass the 5% minimum to be elected to … Continue reading News Digest 28th February