The political system

A short guide to the political system can be found on The Local site here. For more information, visit the Bundestag English pages.

A good guide to the workings of the Bundestag, including how legislation is passed, ‘The Bundestag at a glance’ can be found here.

Information about the upper house, the Bundesrat, can be found here.

The Federal Agency for Civic Education has information about policy issues, some of which is in English.

Political parties

Background information on the main parties in Germany can be found on the Deutsche Welle site here.

The German constitution

Useful articles on the Grundgesetz, or Basic Law, can be found on the Deutsche Welle here and here. An English version of the Basic Law has been published by the government.


Politico has a poll and election results page, as does the Financial Times – the FT page also explains a little about the parties and possible coalitions.

Wahlrecht complies all national polls under the heading ‘Sonntagsfrage Bundestagswahl’, and also has pages for polls for state elections.

Information about politicians

Abgeordneten watch has information about how individual MPs and parties voted in all votes in the Bundestag and state parliaments, as well as information about second jobs.


The Deutsche Welle has an English language site for German news, as does the Spiegel, The Local and the Berlin Spectator.

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